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SmartMRT intelligent garment suspension system

SmartMRT clothes hanger system uses the latest integrated engineering technology, while cutting production time and manual transportation, thereby reducing your administrative costs and maximizing your existing factory capacity as a fully efficient workflow management, increasing profits。

With SmartMRT's highly advanced computerized system that tracks and records every stage of production in real time, your workflow becomes simple, neat and effortless。The result -- cheaper, better, faster production, is guaranteed a lasting joy for you, your employees and your customers。


The following is a description of how the SmartMRT intelligent garment suspension system works:
How the SmartMRT works diagram

  1. Workers load parts at the loading station
  2. Hangers follow the route to the next stop on the hangers
  3. At every stage of every sewing station,
  4. Products will be put together
  5. Quality control and inspection of products in the station
    (In the assembly line)
  6. The product continues to be pieced together in subsequent stations and the final product is reviewed and approved
  7. Product certification, landing at the offloading station
  8. Return the empty hanger to the loading station

Intelligent functions and features

  • Made from rugged, lightweight stainless steel and aluminum, suitable for a variety of factory conditions
  • Industrial strength ABS plastic hangers are flexible and can withstand harsh working conditions
  • There are hangers of different designs to meet a variety of needs and also to hold parts of different weights
  • Microchips attached to each hanger quickly store data to the central processing unit
  • Through strong anti-interference RFID technology, real-time data collection
  • Automatically record each employee's performance and working hours
  • Shorten sewing time by more than 50%
  • Can be customized to meet the manufacturer's operation, field layout and conditions
  • Detect defective products and automatically return them to the originating workstation
  • Noise minimization and power saving
  • Sensitive safety features to detect technical failures
  • Easy to use LCD control panel

Hangers SmartMRT structure

Intelligent software function

  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete real-time data management
  • Precise and stable hardware control
  • Working on multiple designs at the same time
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and higher systems
  • Real-time salary report
  • The daily performance of employees is consolidated
  • Independently suspended tracking and historical data
  • Production projection
  • The efficiency of figure
  • Real-time data chart
  • Pre-plan station allocation
  • Design database
  • Employee database
  • Data editor
  • Payroll printing
  • The variance report
  • Diagnostic function
  • Internet connection
  • Color and size charts


SmartMRT intelligent garment suspension system for a variety of purposes  
SmartMRT intelligent garment suspension system is suitable for all kinds of fabrics including clothing, swimwear, knitted clothing, clothing accessories, underwear, luggage, bed sheets, pillowcases, textiles, blankets, curtains, decorative fabrics and other fabrics。Hangers are made of flexible industrial strength ABS engineered plastic which is a firm material without losing softness。
Multiple fabrics

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